How does the Church respond to the case for war?
Delivered By
Sr. Pastor David Wells
Delivered On
September 22, 2011
Central Passage
Romans 12
How does the church respond to...?


War is a controversial issue for the church. In fact, it is divisive and not well understood from a biblical perspective either. Many scriptures refer to war in the Bible, some point to the pacifist nature of God and others point to a God of justice,either way it is divisive and has caused much debate in church history. In an effort to better understand the biblical perspective on the issue of war and justice, Pastor David Wells explains the background upon which this debate is based within the church and explains that while the issue is not a simple one, there is a clear biblical basis for establishing a case for war but also the case for peace, which is what we should strive for as much as it is possible and within our means.