The Reality Of Hell
Delivered By
Sr. Pastor David Wells
Delivered On
January 29, 2012
Central Passage
Luke 16:19 - 35
The Last Days

What is hell? Some think that it is an imaginary place others simply dismiss it altogether but the truth is that it is real and the Bible testifies to its existence, in fact hell is mentioned in the scriptures and is most commonly known as "Hades". Jesus tells a parable of a man called Lazarus who experiences hell once his life ends and now comes face to face with a horrible reality that he must confront and that he cannot escape...a terrifying prospect by any account. But as Pastor David Wells explains, hell may instill much fear in us but the Bible is also clear about our salvation from the grips of evil and bondage of sin and it is freely available to us through the Messiah who came to save us: Jesus Christ.